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 Bearded Dragons

1.0 normal x German giant cross Approximately 3 months old and 10 inches long with all his toes and tail. He is an aggressive eater and he is growing fast. As you can see he doesn't like his picture taken very much

$70.00 + Shipping

    My first clutch of '02 was laid on March 31st at around 6:00 PM cst. They all appear fertile and are doing great. I expect them to hatch in the beginning of the last week in May. The parents are both normal dragons and around 2 years in age.

     The second clutch was laid on april 3rd which is coincidentally my daughter's birthday. She informed me that they were her special present. These babies are going to be the stunners. The father is an orange sandfire and the mom is a tiger/ pastel cross. Who knows what will come of this mix, but you can bet they will be awesome.