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 D K Herps
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  I am a 28 year old reptile fanatic. I have recently began the daunting task of making my hobby a business. I am not in this for the money, but for the happpiness I get from my herps. I am merely trying to make my hobby a self-sufficient one.
     I have a variety of pet herps that I plan on breeding in the future, but for now I am limiting the focus of my efforts at captive breeding. Bearded dragons and leopard geckos are my favorites for now and always. I will add a few different North American constrictors  to the list as time goes on. I am picky about locality which makes it hard to find matches for some of them. I am also trying my hand with albino burmese later on this season
      I refuse to sell anything but healthy happy animals, and prefer to know that they will stay that way. I will refuse to sell to anyone that I feel is unprepared to care for my babies properly. I am currently working on my own care sheets. Until they are finished, I will provide links to care sheets upon email request and with every sale. Education is the only way you can know your animal's needs and make them happy.