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DK Herps

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4web1 037.jpg (174328 bytes) 4web2 019.jpg (172880 bytes) 4web5 008.jpg (177386 bytes) 4web3 020.jpg (173558 bytes)

    Male hypo orange   from  D K Herps

Male hypo flame from Tinley Park NRBE

Male YELLOW tang from Daytona IRBA

Male  super ORANGE from Dachiu

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Male yellow-orange from Chris Allen

Male hypo orange from Chris Allen

3 Female orange tigers from D K Herps

Female sunburst from Chris Allen

4web2 004.jpg (160749 bytes) 4web3 014.jpg (168429 bytes) 4web2 041.jpg (163868 bytes) 4web2 012.jpg (167337 bytes)
        Female hypo tiger              from  D K Herps

Female red-gold from BeardsRus

Female sunburst from Tinley Park NRBE

2nd female red-gold from BeardsRus

femalehypo1.jpg (43077 bytes) 03f.jpg (94553 bytes) 07f.jpg (99181 bytes) 08m.jpg (83179 bytes)

Female orange flame from Foxfire

Female yellow red from Dachiu

2nd Female yellow red from Dachiu

Male red hypo from Dachiu